Boeing SensorCraft Project

The Boeing SensorCraft project was a collaboration between the University of Victoria, Virginia Tech, the US Air Force Research Lab and Boeing. The project involved the design, construction, ground and flight testing of scale test aircraft for investigation into the the next generation, High Altitude, Long Endurance platform. Over 12 aircraft were fabricated including a jet powered, 5m aircraft which was fully instrumented and flown at the CCUVS Foremost Flight Test Facility in Alberta.

Meggitt Training Systems Canada

UVic CfAR has partnered with Meggitt to investigate optimization of existing UAV aerial targets to improve fuel economy, increase range and maximize endurance. The work has included advanced Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, flight test evaluation using reduced scale prototypes and manufacturing of full scale components for evaluation on the Meggitt UAVs.

Viking Aerospace

The University of Victoria has collaborated on several projects with Viking Aerospace. these have included research into the application of composites for internal ducting and Finite Element Modelling of proposed aircraft modifications in support of Transport Canada STC Approval.